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Volume 1

Series  3: Single Cell detection of miRNAs in embryos
Series  4: dsRNA Transfection into Oocytes and Embryos
Series  5: Transfection of Primary Lymphocytes
Series  6: DNA Vaccine Through In-Vivo Electroporation
Series  7: Gene Transfer Through Ex-Plant Electroporation
Series  8: In Vivo Retinal Electroporation
Series  9: Electrofusion of GV to ooplasm
Series 10: In Vivo Prostate Electroporation
Series 11: In Vivo Electroporation of Spermatogonia
Series 12: In Vivo EP induces danger signal release & antigen-presenting cell recruitment
Series 13: Electroporation used in vaccine against Avian Influenza in mice
Series 15: Electroporation sampling of Glucose thru skin, non invasive
Series 16: Transfection of Primary Lymphocytes