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In Vivo Transfection

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  1. ECM 830 Generator

    Versatile electroporation system suitable for applications for gene, drug and protein delivery including: mammalian cells, in vivo, ex vivo, in ovo tissue, ex plant, nuclear transfer and CRISPR.
    New! Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Services for the ECM 830

  2. Gemini X2

    Ideal for CRISPR

    Flexible systems allowing both square wave and exponential decay wave electroporation in a single unit. Ideal for all of your electroporation needs, including CRISPR, in vivo, in vitro, in ovo and more.
    NEW! Now available with Pulse Switcher for automatic polarity switching!

    Downloads and Firmware Updates


  3. AgilePulse PLUS with Safety Stand and Cuvettes

    Easily perform advanced transfection protocols with multiple groups of pulses—each with separate parameters

  4. BTX Pulse Switcher

    Easily execute automatic grouped pulse, bipolar switching protocols by adding the BTX Pulse Switcher to your ECM 830 or Gemini X2 electroporation waveform generator.

  5. AgilePulse In Vivo Waveform Electroporation System (ID and IM) with Needle Array and Handle

    Advanced electroporation solution providing maximum efficiency DNA and RNA delivery to skin, muscle, and tumor tissues.
    See AgilePulse MAX for a large volume option for fast, efficient transfection of up to 10 mL cell suspension. 

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