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Adherent Cell

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  1. ECM 830 Generator
    Versatile electroporation system suitable for applications for gene, drug and protein delivery including: mammalian cells, in vivo, ex vivo, in ovo tissue, ex plant, nuclear transfer, and CRISPR

  2. Gemini X2

    Ideal for CRISPR

    Flexible systems allowing both square wave and exponential decay wave electroporation in a single unit. Ideal for all of your electroporation needs, including CRISPR, in vivo, in vitro, in ovo and more.

  3. ECM 2001+ Electrofusion & Electroporation System


    Powerful multi-purpose system providing fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation and nuclear transfer applications, as well as square wave electroporation for transfecting genes and other molecules into mammalian cell lines

  4. ECM 2001 Electroporation System
    Multi-purpose electro cell manipulation generator capable of producing a proprietary AC waveform for electrophoretic alignment of cells and a square DC waveform for cell fusion.

  5. Adherent Cell Electrode
    Reusable plate electrode designed to directly electroporate adherent cells or electroporate cultured cell monolayers on filters
  6. Petri Pulser

    Petri Pulser

    Item #: 45-0130
    Reusable electroporation applicator for 6-well plates or 35 mm petri dishes
  7. Petri Dish Electrode

    Petri Dish Electrode

    Item #: 45-0100
    To electroporate adherent cells or tissue grown in a petri dish that functions as the electroporation chamber

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