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Large Volume Transfections


Volumes 2 ml to 10 ml



BTX offers advanced electroporation solutions for fast, efficient transfection of 2 to 10 mL of cell suspension, single cuvettes, or liter volumes. Specifically engineered for large-volume applications, the AgilePulse MAX  system maximizes cellular uptake with minimal heating and short cycle-time to ensure high cell viability in further cell processing.

Simple to use, cells and polynucleotide are suspended in our proprietary BTXpress Cytoporation® medium and transferred via sterile syringe to either the large-volume electroporation chamber or cuvette (depending on system), where a programmed sequence of electric pulses is applied. First, a sequence of short, high-intensity pulses opens pores in the cell membranes, followed by long, low-intensity pulses that drive the material into cells via electrophoresis. Our patented Pulse Agile® technology optimizes these pulse parameters to maximize efficiency and cell viability.


Transfect cells such as bone marrow cells to produce or replace a missing protein
Deliver siRNA to suppress gene expression
Deliver genes for permanent gene correction
Load cells with a drug for drug delivery
Cancer immunotherapy
Transfect eukaryotic cells for protein production in bioreactors
Large-scale production of replication-deficient viruses