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Cell Fusion



Electrofusion is a highly efficient, reproducible and non-toxic technique used in a wide variety of applications. The number of applications requiring the use of electrofusion has greatly increased in the past decade and include: hybridoma production for antibody expression, stem cell development, genetically modified plant protoplast, tetraploid fusion and nuclear transfer for transgenic development. Many applications have clinical significance in diagnostic testing, therapeutics and vaccine development.


The ECM®2001 is a versatile system for both electrofusion and electroporation. It incorporates both AC and DC square wave pulsing capabilities to allow for efficient cell fusion. Cells are easily manipulated under the microscope using specially designed BTX microslide fusion chambers. These chambers help to deliver a gentle, low intensity, high frequency AC pulse to align the cells while the DC square waveform fuses the cells.

BTX Electrofusion systems can achieve up to 10 x higher hybrid clones when compared to PEG.

The Hybrimune™ is an advanced electrofusion solution for fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation or nuclear transfer applications. The Hybrimune™ system includes an innovative large-volume fusion chamber design, proprietary BTXpress Cytofusion® medium and sophisticated, tri-phasic electric field pulses that quickly position cells and disrupt cell membranes for maximum cell fusion efficiency with short cycle-times and minimal heating or turbulence for excellent cell viability.