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Electroporation Systems for Bioproduction & Bioprocessing

ECM 2001 Electrofusion & Electroporation Systems



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A vendor you can trust for electroporation in a cGMP environment.

The AgilePulse MAX™ electroporator helps you maintain a fully compliant cGMP environment for Bioproduction.

Specifically engineered for large-volume applications, our system maximizes cellular uptake with minimal heating and short cycle time to ensure high cell viability in further cell processing.

Flatpack chambers are a single-use electroporation chambers. The 4 mm electrode gap version is used with media volumes of 1 to 10 ml and is ideal for large-volume transfections. Cytoporation Medium T or Cytoporation Medium T4  are the recommended buffers. 

. Scale up from development to production using the same instrument.  The AgilePulse MAX™  is compatible with cuvettes and our  5 mL Large Volume Chamber as well as the 10 mL single-use Flatpack.

. Traceability is ensured with certification of Raw Material and Production lots, and Certificates of  Sterilization by Gamma Irradiation.

.  IQ/OQ services  available to support your regulatory and quality requirements.