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Flatpack Chambers

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Flatpack Chambers

FlatPack Chambers are single-use electroporation chambers. The 4 mm electrode gap version is used with media volumes of 1 to 10 ml and is ideal for the large volume transfections common in bioproduction.Cytoporation Medium T or Cytoporation Medium T4  are the recommended buffers.

Flatpack Chambers are used for prokaryotic (suspension) cell electroporation applications as well as high efficiency stem cell (eukaryotic) transfection.

The products listed are for research only. Please contact us for information on cGMP-capable chambers that provide traceability of raw material, production lots, and sterilization to support your compliance needs.


Product Item # Price  
Flatpack Chambers, 1.83 mm gap, 1.5 ml volume, pkg. of 50 45-0109   View Price
Flatpack Chambers, 0.56 mm gap, 80 µl volume, pkg. of 50 45-0110   View Price
Flatpack Chambers, 4 mm gap, 10 ml volume, pkg. of 10 47-0206   View Price
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Flatpack Chambers are primarily used for prokaryotic applications; however they are used often for high efficiency stem cell transfection as well.

The single-use Flat Packs are available in three configurations with 4 mm, 1.83 mm or 0.56 mm electrode gaps. Gamma Irradiation is used to sterilize the chambers and they are wrapped in individual packages.

Flatpacks may be used in Safety Stands for Flatpack Chambers (47-0208 and 47-0209).

The 4 mm gap version has a volume capacity of 1 to 10 ml. It is ideal for large volume transfections and is recommended for us in combination with either Cytoporation Medium T (47-0002) or Cytoporation Medium T4 (47-0003).    The 0.56 mm gap chamber has a volume capacity from 10 to 85 µl. This design provides the unique combination of small sample volumes with field strengths as high as 40 kV/cm.

The chamber with 1.83 mm gap has a three-ply solid sandwich construction of stainless steel and mylar plastic and holds a volume of 1.5 ml, ideal for stem cells. 

Generator Compatibility ECM 630, ECM 830, ECM 2001 and Gemini X2 and AgilePulse MAX
  • Bacterial transformation
  • Yeast transformation
  • Stem cell transfection
  • Large volume transfection
Item # Product
45-0207 Safety Stand, Adjustable Gap (for use with Cuvettes)
47-0209 AgilePulse MAX Safety Stand for Flatpack
47-0610N AgilePulse PLUS Safety Stand for Flatpack