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BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C, 500 ml volume

BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C, 500 ml volume
Cytofusion® Medium is designed to promote efficiency while preserving high cell viability during cell fusion. Proprietary blend; sterile filtered and made of the highest quality medical-grade chemicals.
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BTXpress Cytofusion® Medium C is an advanced electrofusion buffer designed especially for hybridoma production. The low conductivity buffer is specially formulated to minimize cell turbulence during cell alignment and heating during electrofusion, for robust cell fusion efficiency and high cell viability.

BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C is sterile filtered from the highest quality non-animal, medical-grade reagents. It is the buffer of choice for many commercial biotech and pharmaceutical companies in their hybridoma generation process for monoclonal antibody discovery.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for eukaryotic electrofusion applications
  • Maximum fusion efficiency, high cell viability
  • Stable environment for cell alignment
  • Low conductivity for minimal heating 
  • Physiological pH and balanced osmolarity
  • Contains no animal products


Maintain a sterile environment. Standard aseptic techniques are recommended to avoid contamination during use. 

Thorough, repeated washing. BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C, is a low conductivity medium designed for efficient electrofusion. Trace amounts of high conductivity solutions such as PBS or tissue culture growth medium can disrupt the fusion process. Therefore, it is critical to wash the cells thoroughly with BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C prior to the fusion process. For up to 5 x 107 cells, at least two washes in BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C are recommended. For more than 5 x 107 cells, at least three washes are recommended.

Thoroughly clean electrofusion chamber. To avoid other sources of ionic contamination, clean the electrofusion chamber after each use and rinse thoroughly with sterile, deionized water. 

Room temperature electrofusion. For maximum efficiency cell fusion, use BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C at room temperature. Cell washes prior to the final wash may be carried out at 4°C.

Minimize time in buffer. While Cytofusion Medium C is non-toxic, it does not contain nutrients to support cell viability over long periods of time. For best results, minimize the time that cells are suspended in BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C. It is not recommended that cells remain in BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C longer than one hour subsequent to the final wash.

5:1 direct dilution. Post-electrofusion, cells in BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C can be diluted in cell culture medium without washing the cells. A minimum dilution of five parts complete culture medium to one part BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C is recommended. Alternatively, cells may be washed in growth medium to completely remove BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C prior to culturing.


Store at 2-8°C after opening. Short term storage (i.e. for shipping) at -20°C to +50°C for 7 days is acceptable. Contents may separate upon freezing. If frozen, mix well before use.


Do not use if tamper-proof seal is missing or bottle is damaged. Damage to the bottle or deliberate tampering may result in contamination of this product. Check product for clarity before use. BTXpress Cytofusion® Medium is intended for research and investigational purposes only. It is not intended for human use. This product is not considered to be hazardous based on evaluations made under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200.


Volume  500 ml
Osmolarity  270 to 290 mOsm/L
Conductivity @ 25oC  0.080 ± 0.005 mS/cm
pH  7.2 ± 0.2
Endotoxin  <0.25 EU/ml 
Sterility  Sterile filtered
Storage  2 to 8oC
Shelf Life  18 months from date of manufacture
  • Cell fusion