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AgilePulse PLUS Bipolar Transfection System

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AgilePulse PLUS Bipolar Transfection System

Easily perform advanced transfection protocols with multiple groups of pulses—each with separate parameters

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AgilePulse PLUS Bipolar Transfection System, Complete 47-0600N   View Price
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The AgilePulse™ PLUS Bipolar Transfection System is designed for efficient transfection of mammalian cells and tissues. This system is ideal for high efficiency transfection of mammalian cells, including difficult to transfect cell types, such as stem cells and primary cells. It is also suitable for scale up to large volume electroporation for applications such as large-scale creation of engineered cells and large-scale protein expression.

The AgilePulse PLUS allows the user to incorporate polarity switching into electroporation protocols, thus enabling the user to minimize accumulation of transfectant at a single electrode and maximizing delivery of transfectant. The system is designed to be easy to set-up and to operate in a research environment.

The AgilePulse PLUS Waveform Generator can transfect cells suspended in cuvettes, flatpacks or large volume chambers. Additionally, it can transfect tissues with BTX in vivo electrodes. The system offers the flexibility to be used in combination with BTX specialty electrodes for in vivo and adherent cell electroporation.


  • Program up to 5 groups of pulses with separately defined pulse number, voltage, pulse length, interval, and polarity—within each group.
  • Direct scale-up from standard low-volume cuvettes to large-volume chambers— transfect up to a billion cells in suspension per sample.
  • Incorporate bipolar switching into your electroporation protocols for convenient, more efficient in vivo transfection protocols—pulse chains in each group may be defined as +, -,
    or flip (+ —> - or - —> +) polarity.
  • Maximum number of pulses per protocol increases to 100 pulses.
  • Compatible with all BTX specialty electrodes for adherent cell electroporation, intradermal electroporation, intramuscular electroporation and other in vivo transfection applications.

Included Items

Item # Product   Included Items

AgilePulse PLUS Bipolar
Transfection System

  AgilePulse PLUS Generator, 5-ft HV Output Cable, F/F Adapters, Extended
Capacity Safety Stand, Cytoporation Medium T, 4 mm Gap Cuvettes and
Cuvette Rack

AgilePulse PLUS Bipolar
Transfection Generator Only

  AgilePulse PLUS Generator, 5-ft HV Output Cable and F/F Adapters

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories such as Large Volume Chamber Stand and Needle Array Electrodes are available separately.


 Pulse Program Specifications 
      Voltage Range  100 to 1200 VDC
      Pulse Width Range  0.05 to 10 ms
      Pulse Interval Range  0.2 to 1000 ms
      Number of Pulses per Group  1 to 10
      Group Interval Range  0.2 to 1000 ms
      Polarity Settings for Each Group  Positive, Negative, Flip Positive → Negative, or Flip Negative → Positive
      Number of Pulse Groups  1 to 5
 Other Specifications 
      User Interface  Capacitive Touchscreen Display
      Data Export*  USB thumb drive
      Input Voltage and Frequency Ratings  100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      Warranty  2 years
      Storage Temperature  -10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)
      Operating Temperature  4°C to 40°C (40°F to 104°F)
      Intended Use  For research use only
      Operating/Storage Humidity  20% to 80% RH, non-condensing
      Pollution Degree  IP2X
      Insulation Category  Category II
      Regulatory Certifications  CE, ETL (UL, CSA), FCC, WEEE, EU and RoHS
 Physical Characteristics 
      Dimensions, W x H x D  30.5 x 7.8 x 5.4 cm (12 x 6.25 x 14.5 in)
      Weight  5.7 kg (12.5 lb)
  * All data automatically stored in internal memory and may be downloaded to external USB Key. Maximum data logs
    stored and retrievable from internal memory >20,000.
  • Suspension and adherent cell transfection 
  • Large volume electroporation
  • CAR-T cell production
  • CRISPR gene editing
  • Intradermal, intramuscular and intratumor delivery
  • Animal immunization and vaccine research
Item # Product
47-0610N AgilePulse PLUS Safety Stand for Flatpack
47-0620N AgilePulse PLUS Large Volume Chamber Stand for Large Volume 5 ml Chambers
47-0095 AgilePulse PLUS HV Output Cable, 5 ft
47-0096 AgilePulse PLUS HV Output Cable, 10 ft
45-0088 Female/Female Adapter Set, for 4 mm diameter Banana Plug Cables
45-0126 Cuvette Plus, 4 mm gap, 800 ┬Ál, Sterile Pkg/50, Yellow
45-0206 2-Needle Array Handle, 5 mm, for 45-0168
47-0204N AgilePulse Large Volume Chamber, 6 mm gap, 5 ml, 2 ports w/fittings
45-0168 2-Needle Array Kit, 5 mm, Pkg. of 6, with Handle
47-0097 Adapter, connects AgilePulse PLUS to AgilePulse MAX Safety Stands and Large Volume Chamber Stands

AgilePulse PLUS Datasheet


AgilePulse PLUS Quick Start Guide


AgilePulse PLUS User's Manual



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