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Hybrimune® Press Release

NEW Electrofusion System

Announcing the newest addition to the BTX line of electrofusion systems: The Hybrimune® Hybridoma Production System.

The Hybrimune® is an advanced pulse generator capable of delivering variable AC pulse frequencies; utilizing patented technology to enhance the alignment of cells in large volumes - up to 9 mls in one run !

Researchers performing monoclonal antibody production can achieve the highest efficiencies in scalable throughputs (up to 180 million cells fused in milliseconds).

Published data demonstrates that Hybrimune® technology can yield 10–20X greater antigen+ specific clones compared to PEG2.

Electrofusion generates hybridoma lines secreting mAbs with high binding specificity & biological activity2
Efficiencies are 10X higher than PEG1
Direct scale up from 2ml to 9ml


To learn more about this exciting new technology or other BTX electroporation or electrofusion products, please contact us.

1 Ohnishi, K. et. al., Improvement in the basic technology of electrofusion for generation of antibody-producing hybridomas, 1987, J Immunological Methods
2 Li, J. et al., PNAS, 2006