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Foot Pedals & Footswitches

Foot Pedals & Footswitches

For hands-free system operation of BTX electroporation and microinjection systems.

Pictured from left to right: Legacy ECM 830 Foot Pedal (45-0211); AgilePulse Foot Pedal (47-0420); Gemini X2, ECM 2001+, ECM 830, and ECM 630 Foot Pedal (45-2030).

Product Item # Price  
Gemini X2, ECM 2001+, ECM 830, and ECM 630 Foot Pedal (compatible with touchscreen models) 45-2030   View Price
AgilePulse Foot Pedal 47-0420   View Price
Legacy ECM 830 Foot Pedal (compatible with non-touchscreen models) 45-0211   View Price
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Foot Pedals and Footswitches allow for hands free operation of the ECM 830, ECM 2001+, Legacy ECM 2001, AgilePulse, and Gemini X2 generators, as well as MicroJect 1000A Microinjection systems. These accessories are desirable when conducting in vivo/in ovo gene delivery or nuclear transfer/cloning when both hands are needed for sample manipulation.

The Footswitch and Foot Pedal function like the “Start” button on the front of the instrument. Once all the parameters are dialed in, simply press and release to activate pulse delivery or abort a pulse sequence.