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AgilePulse In Vivo Waveform Electroporation System (ID and IM)

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AgilePulse In Vivo Waveform Electroporation System (ID and IM)

Advanced electroporation solution providing maximum efficiency DNA and RNA delivery to skin, muscle, and tumor tissues.
See AgilePulse MAX for a large volume option for fast, efficient transfection of up to 10 mL cell suspension. 

Product Item # Price  
AgilePulse In Vivo ID (Intra-Dermal) System 47-0400N   View Price
AgilePulse In Vivo ID (Intra-Dermal) Generator Only 47-0401N   View Price
AgilePulse In Vivo IM (Intra-Muscular) System 47-0500N   View Price
AgilePulse In Vivo IM (Intra-Muscular) Generator 47-0501N   View Price
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The AgilePulse In Vivo System, used for animal immunization, vaccine development, and gene therapy, provides an intra-muscular, intra-dermal, or intra-tumor electroporation solution to produce maximum transfection efficiency.

Traditional in vivo nucleic acid delivery systems, such as gene gun delivery, suffer from poor efficiency. The AgilePulse In Vivo System effectively introduces DNA or RNA into the target tissue, representing a powerful and safe means for stimulating an immune response that recognizes and eliminates target molecules in the body.

For vaccine applications, DNA vaccination through the dermal layer is preferred since it is an easily accessible site that is immunologically active. After direct injection of plasmid DNA in the dermal layer, a programmed sequence of electric pulses is applied through a miniature parallel needle electrode array to promote cellular uptake and transfection. Cells in the surrounding tissue are transfected, including dendritic antigen-presenting cells and mesenchymal origin cells. Gene expression simulates the immune system to respond to the secreted antigen. Gene expression in skin is 100-fold higher when delivery is enhanced by electroporation compared to simply injecting plasmid DNA (Roos, et. al. 2009).


  • Simple User Interface—touch screen user interface, USB key data storage, and Windows® Mobile 6.0 operating system. The system automatically stores a digitized record of all pulse parameters for quality control. EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-1 EN 60601-1-2, UL60601-1 and CSA601.1 compliant.
  • Pulse Agile® Advantage—patented Pulse Agile technology combines a unique sequence of short, high-intensity pulses to open pores in cell membranes, followed by long, low-intensity pulses to further drive the DNA into cells via electrophoresis. The adjustable pulses improve efficiency while maintaining cell viability. The specialized use of the Pulse Agile waveform has shown to significantly enhance antigen specific CD8+ T-cell response when standard protocols do not.
  • Uniform, Reliable Electroporation—AgilePulse parallel-needle arrays produce uniform electric fields across the treatment area for a more thorough transfection of the tissue. Electrode impedance is monitored through software analysis to ensure reliable electrode placement in tissue each and every time.
  • Simple, Fast Treatment—simple yet effective intra-dermal or intramuscular electrode design allows for shorter delivery times of less than a second. The electrodes provide a uniform pulse to cover and target larger areas of tissue using a single pulsing application.
  • Optimal Design—miniature, 2-mm length needles easily penetrate the layers of skin or muscle and target cells for high efficiency gene delivery.
  • Safety—Each needle electrode array comes with a safety cover and easy grip sides to make the electrode insertion procedure simple and safe.

AgilePulse Waveform Generator Selection Guide

Tissue Type Tissue Load Range   Recommended Generator
Skin, Intradermal 1100 to 2000 Ohms   AgilePulse ID
Tibialis muscle 800 to 1500 Ohms   AgilePulse ID
Quadriceps muscle, small animal 200 to 400 Ohms   AgilePulse IM
Quadriceps muscle, large animal 80 to 250 Ohms    AgilePulse IM

The AgilePulse In Vivo system (formerly the DermaVax device) can be used for veterinary (research use only) and human tissue (research use only) applications. 


Item # Product   Included Items
47-400N AgilePulse In Vivo ID (Intra-Dermal) System   AgilePulse ID Generator, Handle for Parallel Needle Array (47-0000), qty 3 4-needle Parallel Needle Array (47-0040), qty 3 6-needle Parallel Needle Array (47-0050), ID Software
47-0401N AgilePulse In Vivo ID (Intra-Dermal) Generator Only   AgilePulse In Vivo ID (Intra-Dermal) Generator only
47-0500N AgilePulse In Vivo IM (Intra-Muscular) System   AgilePulse IM Generator, Handle for Parallel Needle Array 47-0000), qty 3 4-needle Parallel Needle Array (47-0045), qty 3 6-needle Parallel Needle Array (47-0070), IM Software
47-0501N AgilePulse In Vivo IM (Intra-Muscular) Generator Only    AgilePulse In Vivo IM (Intra-Muscular) Generator Only


User Interface Touch Screen Display, Footswitch
Voltage Range 50 to 1,000 volts
Pulse Width Range 0.050 to 10 ms
Pulse Interval 0.200 to 1,000 ms (5 kHz to 1 Hz)
Data Export USB Flash Drive
Dimensions (W x H x D)
 (with handle)
32 cm  x 20 cm  x 40 cm
(12.6 in  x 7.9 in  x 15.7 in)
Weight 25 lb (11.3 kg)
Operating Temperature 10 to 40oC
Mains Voltage 100 to 250 VAC
Fuse 5 Amp Slo-Blo, 5 mm x 20 mm
Software IM (Intra-muscular) or ID (Intra-dermal)
  • Vaccine development  
  • Intra-dermal gene delivery
  • Intra-muscular gene delivery
  • Intra-tumor gene delivery
Item # Product
47-0090 AgilePulse In Vivo Adapter Box
47-0040 4-Needle Array, 4 mm gap, 2 mm length
47-0043 4-Needle Array, 4 mm gap, 3 mm length
47-0045 4-Needle Array, 4 mm gap, 5 mm length
47-0050 6-Needle Array, 4 mm gap, 2 mm length
47-0070 6-Needle Array, 6 mm gap, 10 mm length
47-0080 6-Needle Array, 6 mm gap, 25 mm length
47-0086 6-Needle Array, 6 mm gap, 16 mm length
47-0060 6-Needle Array, 6 mm gap, 2 mm length
47-0420 AgilePulse Foot Pedal
47-0204N AgilePulse Large Volume Chamber, 6 mm gap, 5 ml, 2 ports w/fittings
47-0206 Flatpack Chambers, 4 mm gap, 10 ml volume, pkg. of 10
47-0203 AgilePulse MAX Safety Stand for Cuvettes
47-0209 AgilePulse MAX Safety Stand for Flatpack
47-0202N AgilePulse MAX Stand for Large Volume (5 ml) Chambers
47-0002 BTXpress Cytoporation Low Conductivity Medium T, 500 ml volume
47-0003 BTXpress Cytoporation Low Conductivity Medium T4, 500 ml volume
45-0134 Cuvette Plus, 1 mm gap, 90 µl, Sterile Pkg/10, Gray
45-0124 Cuvette Plus, 1 mm gap, 90 µl, Sterile Pkg/50, Gray
45-0135 Cuvette Plus, 2 mm gap, 400 µl, Sterile Pkg/10, Blue
45-0125 Cuvette Plus, 2 mm gap, 400 µl, Sterile Pkg/50, Blue
45-0136 Cuvette Plus, 4 mm gap, 800 µl, Sterile Pkg/10, Yellow
45-0126 Cuvette Plus, 4 mm gap, 800 µl, Sterile Pkg/50, Yellow
47-0000 Needle Array Handle

AgilePulse ID User's Manual


AgilePulse IM User's Manual


AgilePulse In Vivo System Technical Specifications


AgilePulse Application Note: Skin Electroporation: Effects on Transgene Expression, DNA persistence and Local Tissue Environment


AgilePulse Application Note: Enhancement of Cellular Immune Response to a Prostate Cancer DNA Vaccine by Intradermal Electroporation



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