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AgilePulse® Max Press Release

NEW Large Volume Transfection System

The AgilePulse® MAX is a NEW large volume transfection system ideal for fast, efficient transfection of 2 to 6 ml of cell suspension.

AgilePulse® MAX System is Catalog Number 47-0200N

Specifically engineered for large-volume applications, this system maximizes cellular uptake with minimal heating and short cycle-time to ensure high cell viability in further cell processing.

AgilePulse® MAX technology offers direct scale up from cuvettes to a large volume chamber; ideal for gene or drug delivery, cancer immunotherapy and protein therapeutics applications.

Notably, Pulse Agile® technology was used to successfully transfect dendritic cells with mRNA, as published in the Journal of Translational Medicine by Markovic et. al.1

Patented Pulse Agile® Technology
Load Meter for Sample Monitoring
6 ml Large Volume Sterile Chamber


Direct Scale-up from micro - milliliter volumes
Maximum efficiency with specialized Cytoporation Media
High Efficiency


To learn more about this exciting new technology or other BTX electroporation or electrofusion products, please contact us.

1 Markovic et. al., Journal of Translational Medicine 2006, 4:35