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AgilePulse MAX Large Volume Transfection System

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AgilePulse MAX Large Volume Transfection System

Advanced electroporation solution for fast, efficient transfection of up to 10 mL of cell suspension
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AgilePulse MAX Large Volume Transfection System, Complete 47-0200N   View Price
AgilePulse MAX Waveform Generator 47-0201N   View Price
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The AgilePulse MAX System is an advanced electroporation solution for fast, efficient transfection of up to 10 ml of cell suspension. Specifically engineered for large-volume applications, our system maximizes cellular uptake with minimal heating and short cycle-time to ensure high cell viability in further cell processing.

The AgilePulse MAX System is simple to use. Cells and polynucleotide are suspended in our proprietary BTXpress Cytoporation Medium T or Cytoporation Medium T4 and transferred via sterile syringe to the large volume electroporation chamber where a programmed sequence of electric pulses is applied. First, a sequence of short, high-intensity pulses opens pores in the cell membranes. These are followed by long, low-intensity pulses that drive the material into cells via electrophoresis. Our patented PulseAgile technology optimizes these pulse parameters to maximize efficiency and cell viability.

The system includes a user-friendly, programmable waveform generator with patented PulseAgile technology, our patent-pending large-volume electroporation chamber, and proprietary BTXpress Cytoporation Medium T, optimized for large volume electroporation. The system is engineered to provide uniform electric fields in a stable temperature environment for excellent cell viability.


  • Scale-up—transfection protocols readily scale-up from standard laboratory cuvettes to large-volume transfection in the AgilePulse MAX system.
  • Maximal Efficiency with Cytoporation Medium—BTXpress Cytoporation Medium T used with the AgilePulse MAX system has been optimized for maximal efficiency with a number of cell lines, including K562, A20, HEK293 and CHO-KI. It is compatible with a large range of transfectants including DNA, RNA, siRNA, and olignonucleotides. It can be directly diluted in complete growth medium for post-electroporation cell culture.
  • Simple User Interface—all controls are operated with the simple touch screen on the front panel. Data is quickly retrieved by USB key and can be analyzed for detailed pulse characteristics including pulse and pulse current.
  • Pulse Agile® Advantage—transfection efficiency and cell viability are enhanced by specialized, programmable electrical pulse waveforms, particularly important for larger polynucleotide delivery such as DNA plasmids. The patented Pulse Agile technology combines a unique sequence of short high-intensity pulses to porate cell membranes, followed by long low-intensity pulses to further drive transfectants into cells via electrophoresis, while maintaining cell viability.

No license is required for research use of the AgilePulse MAX System but may be required for clinical and therapeutic use. Please contact BTX Technical Support for more information. 


Item # Product   Included Items
47-0200N  AgilePulse MAX Large Volume Transfection System   AgilePulse MAX Generator, Large Volume Chamber Stand, Safety Stand, 5 ml Chamber,(2X),
Cytoporation Medium T, 500 ml, and 4 mm gap Cuvettes
47-0201N AgilePulse MAX Generator Only    AgilePulse MAX Generator only

No license is required for research use of the AgilePulse MAX System but may be required for clinical and therapeutic use. Please contact BTX for more information.

User Interface Touch Screen Display, Footswitch
Voltage Range 50 to 1,000 Volts
Pulse Width Range 0.050 to 10 ms
Pulse Interval 0.200 to 1,000 ms (5 kHz to 1 Hz)
Pulse Amplitude 50 to 1,200 Volts
Data Export USB Flash Drive
Dimensions (W x H x D) 32 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm
(12.6 x 7.9 x 15.7 in)
Weight  25 lb (11.3 kg)
Operating Temperature 10 to 40oC
Mains Voltage 100 to 250 VAC
Fuse 240 V, 5 Amp, Slo-Blo, 5 mm x 20 mm
  • CRISPR transfections
  • Transfect cells such as bone marrow to produce or replace a missing protein
  • Deliver siRNA to suppress gene expression
  • Deliver genes for permanent gene correction
  • Load cells with a drug for drug delivery
  • Cancer immunotherapy
  • Transfect eukaryotic cells for protein production in bioreactors
  • Large-scale production of replication-deficient viruses
Item # Product
45-0109 Flatpack Chambers, 1.83 mm gap, 1.5 ml volume, pkg. of 50
45-0110 Flatpack Chambers, 0.56 mm gap, 80 µl volume, pkg. of 50
47-0209 AgilePulse MAX Safety Stand for Flatpack
47-0202N AgilePulse MAX Chamber Holder for Large Volume 5 ml Chambers
45-0134 Cuvette Plus, 1 mm gap, 90 µl, Sterile Pkg/10, Gray
45-0124 Cuvette Plus, 1 mm gap, 90 µl, Sterile Pkg/50, Gray
45-0135 Cuvette Plus, 2 mm gap, 400 µl, Sterile Pkg/10, Blue
45-0125 Cuvette Plus, 2 mm gap, 400 µl, Sterile Pkg/50, Blue
45-0136 Cuvette Plus, 4 mm gap, 800 µl, Sterile Pkg/10, Yellow
45-0126 Cuvette Plus, 4 mm gap, 800 µl, Sterile Pkg/50, Yellow
47-0206 Flatpack Chambers, 4 mm gap, 10 ml volume, pkg. of 10
47-0204N AgilePulse Large Volume Chamber, 6 mm gap, 5 ml, 2 ports w/fittings
47-0002 BTXpress Cytoporation Low Conductivity Medium T, 500 ml volume

AgilePulse MAX User's Manual


AgilePulse Max Product Brochure


AgilePulse MAX Application Note: Preparing clinical-grade myeloid dendritic cells by electroporation-mediated transfection




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