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BTX has been at the forefront of electroporation technology since we introduced the first commercially available electroporator in 1983. For over 30 years, we have made it our priority to focus only on electroporation and electrofusion. This focus has allowed us to develop the experience and expertise to supply you with a broad selection of innovative in vivo and in vitro tools to advance your research.


Whatever your need, our range of electroporation systems and accessories covers virtually every electroporation and electrofusion application, including high throughput. Additionally BTX provides exceptional applications support and service before, during and after your purchase to ensure your success.


The BTX Advantage


Our comprehensive library of protocols and publications, along with the expertise of our technical staff, will make addressing your application needs easier. Thousands of users have published papers on many species, including mammals, bacteria, fruit flies, nematodes, chickens, frogs, muscles, liver, brains, embryos, and muscles, in vivo and in vitro. Put the BTX advantage to work for you! Access our rich resource materials or contact us for help with your application.


BTX is part of the Harvard Bioscience family of companies. Harvard Bioscience (Nasdaq: HBIO) is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products, primarily scientific instruments.



The Complete Harvard Bioscience Family of Companies


East Wing, Building 1020
Cambourne Business Park
Cambridge, CB23 6DW
United Kingdom

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Internet: www.biochrom.co.uk
Biochrom Ltd.

Biochrom, located in Cambourne UK and Holliston, MA offers a full range of spectrophotometers, microplate readers / washers and Amino Acid analyzers for a wide range of applications in the clinical, life-science, educational and industrial markets. Biochrom is a leading global manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience of designing and manufacturing the highest quality scientific instruments including the renowned Ultrospec, Novaspec, NanoVue and SimpliNano brands of spectrophotometers. Our instruments are trusted by scientists, doctors and technicians in hospitals and laboratories worldwide. Biochrom also has long standing relationships as a valued OEM partner to many of the worlds’ largest and most exciting scientific instrumentation companies. Visit Website

Cambourne Business Park
Cambridge, CB23 6DW
United Kingdom

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E-mail: sales@harvardapparatus.co.uk
Internet: www.biodrop.co.uk
BioDrop Ltd.

BioDrop has developed an improved method for measuring microliter sized samples of DNA, RNA, oligos and proteins. It offers a range of spectrophotometers with micro volume measurement capability as well as a cuvette accessory to retrofit any standard UV/Vis spectrophotometer to function as a micro volume measurement instrument. Visit Website

84 October Hill Road
Holliston, Massachusetts 01746
United States

Phone:(508) 893-8999
Toll Free:(800) 272-2775 (USA and Canada)
Fax:(508) 429-5732
E-mail: techsupport.btx@harvardapparatus.com
Internet: www.btxonline.com
BTX Molecular Delivery Systems

BTX located in Holliston Massachusetts, USA, provides novel electroporation and electrofusion tools for the advancement of cell transfection and cell fusion. BTX is a world leader in electroporation systems, specializing in providing complete transfection solutions for virtually every cell and tissue type including eukaryotes, prokaryotes, in vivo tissues, in ovo, in utero, adherent and suspension cultures, plant cells, dermal and muscular immunizations, high throughput and cell fusion electroporation equipment. In addition to the generators, BTX provides the widest selection of electrodes and accessories for every application. Visit Website


Torshamnsgatan 30A
SE-164 40 Kista

Phone: +46 470 10 10
E-mail: cma@microdialysis.se
Internet: www.microdialysis.com
CMA Microdialysis AB

CMA Microdialysis (“CMA”) is a Swedish medical device and research company founded in 1984 as a spin-off from the Karolinska Institute. Unique and market leading solutions are developed, produced and sold to researchers to enable optimized and accelerated drug development. CMA’s complete lines of instruments and consumables are used globally by universities and pharmaceutical companies as unique tools for pre-clinical research. The core competence lies within solutions based on the microdialysis technique. The products are produced in Sweden by highly specialized and skilled staff; consumables are manufactured in a clean room environment. Visit Website

119 14th St NW
St. Paul, MN 55112
United States

Phone: 800-262-9687
Fax: 651-481-7404
E-mail: Sales@datasci.com
Internet: www.datasci.com/
Data Sciences International

DSI is a pioneering biomedical research company focused on systems physiology and pharmacology. The recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, DSI offers telemetry, instrumentation, and software and services that help advance science. Visit Website

Phone:(33) 1-64-46-00-85
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E-mail: info@harvardapparatus.fr
Internet: https://www.harvardapparatus.com/harvard-apparatus-france
Harvard Apparatus S.A.R.L.

Harvard Apparatus France specializes in physiological research for the life sciences. They are located in France and provide quality guidance for sales and use of specialty research products. They provide both pre and post sales support in France and French Switzerland. Visit Website

84 October Hill Road
Holliston, Massachusetts 01746
United States

Phone Orders: 800-232-2380
Tech Support: 800-547-6766
Fax: 508-429-5732
General Inquiries: Bioscience@harvardapparatus.com
Technical Support Inquiries: support@hbiosci.com
Harvard Apparatus US

Harvard Apparatus was founded in 1901 by Dr. William T. Porter of the Harvard Medical School. Harvard Apparatus developed a name not only for quality but also for innovation. Harvard Apparatus invented the mechanical syringe pump in the 1950s and introduced the first microprocessor-controlled syringe pumps in the 1980s. Today, Harvard Apparatus continues this tradition with the most advanced, easy-to-use programmable syringe pumps, the PHD ULTRA and Elite touch screen series. Harvard Apparatus also developed the first volume controlled- and then pressure-controlled ventilators, pulsatile blood pumps, transducers, amplifiers, recorders, glassware and many other specialized bioscience research products. Locations include U.S., U.K., Canada and France. Visit Website

Wiesenstraße 55
D-67466 Lambrecht/Pfalz

Phone:(49) 0 6325-95-53-0
Fax:(49) 0 6325-95-53-50
E-mail: sales@heka.com
Internet: www.heka.com
HEKA Elektronik GmbH

Heka Elektronik designs and manufactures sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and industrial research applications in the fields of electrophysiology and electrochemistry. Visit Website

Gruenstrasse 1
March-Hugstetten D-79232

Phone: (49) 0 7665-92-00-0
Fax: (49) 0 7665-92-00-90
E-mail: Info@Hugo-Sachs.de
Internet: www.hugo-sachs.de
Hugo Sachs Elektronik GmbH

Hugo Sachs Elektronik provides Advanced Tools for Physiology. It is the industry leader for providing advanced isolated organ and tissue perfusion systems as well as the PLUGSYS modular amplifier system for cardiovascular and respiratory applications. Visit Website

Aspenhaustrasse 21
72770 Reutlingen, BW

Phone: (49) 7121-90-92-52-5
Fax: (49) 7121-90-92-51-1
E-mail: sales@multichannelsystems.com
Internet: www.multichannelsystems.com
Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH

Multi Channel Systems focuses on the development of precise scientific measuring instrumentation in the field of Electrophysiology for research groups at universities and for the pharmaceutical industry. MCS provides solutions for extra-cellular recordings with microelectrode arrays in vitro and in vivo as well as for electrical stimulation. Visit Website

C/Energia, 112
08940 Cornella (Barcelona)

E-mail: info@panlab.com
Internet: www.panlab.com
Panlab, S.L.

Panlab is a world leading software developer and manufacturer of products for life science researchers. With more than 30 years of expertise in behavioral neuroscience, Panlab pioneers in the use of video-tracking systems in Windows™ and in the evaluation of indirect blood pressure. Visit Website

1125 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut 06514
United States

Phone: (203) 776-0664
Fax: (203) 776-1278
E-mail: sales@warneronline.com
Internet: www.warneronline.com
Warner Instruments, Inc.

Warner Instruments is a diverse group of multi-talented individuals who design, manufacture, market and distribute specialized biomedical instrumentation for Electrophysiological, Cellular and Neurological Sciences to the worldwide life sciences community. Visit Website