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PEP Personal Electroporation Pak Cuvette Module

PEP Personal Electroporation Pak Cuvette Module

Self-contained portable single cuvette module for connection to a BTX Electroporation System
More information about Safety Stands and Cuvettes

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The PEP™ (Personal Electroporation Pak) is a self-contained portable cuvette module compatible with the ECM 399, ECM 630 and ECM 830. It is an ideal solution for quick singular transfections. Connection cables are not required.

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy release cuvette ejection pin
  • Load anywyere in the lab and transport to the generator
  • Plugs directly into the generatory


Personal Electroporation Pack (PEP) Electrical & Technical Specifications

Standard Capabilities*:  
  Voltage Range 0 to 3000 VDC
  Charge Time 5 sec max (ECM 399)
  Pulse Length/Time Constants Range 5 msec to 125 msec
  Pulse Number Range 1
  Operating Temperature 5º to 40ºC
  Intended Use Indoor use only
  Relative Humidity 20 to 80%
  Maximum Altitude 2,000 m (6,562 ft)20 to 80%
  Pollution Degree II
  Insulation Category CAT I
Physical Characteristics:  
  Overall Dimensions 8.3 x 5.6 x 8.3 cm (3.25 x 2.19 x 3.25 in)
  Weight 0.01 kg (0.22 lb)
  Generators ECM 399, 630, 830 and 2001
  Other Built-in safety interlock disconnects the internalelectrodes when cuvette is removed.


*Note: Depending on buffer composition and volume

  • Single transfections