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Oocyte Electrodes

Oocyte Electrodes
Reusable slide type of electrode specifically designed for drug or gene delivery into oocytes and/or zygotes including CRISPR
Product Item # Price  
Oocyte Electrode, Platinum Plated, 10 mm, 1 mm gap (Electrode only) 45-0495   View Price
Oocyte Electrode Kit, Platinum Plated, 10 mm, 1 mm gap, (with cables) 45-0496   View Price
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Oocyte electrode are reusable slide type electrodes specifically designed for drug or gene delivery into oocytes and/or zygotes. The Oocyte Electrode is composed of platinum electrodes arranged in parallel with a 1 mm gap between them mounted on a glass slide. This electrode can be used with a microscope so that individual oocytes can be visualized during electroporation. This electrode is particularly useful for the generation of transgenic animals including use with the CRISPR/Cas 9 construct to both knock-in and knock-out targeted genes. The Oocyte Electrode may be cleaned with a mild detergent and sterilized with 70% ethanol. This electrode requires the use of Mini Micro-Grabber Cables and Tweezertrode Adapter Cables. These electrodes are compatible with the BTX ECM 830, ECM 2001 and Gemini X2 Electroporation units.


Oocyle electrodes are ideal for applications with the ECM 2001, ECM 830 or Gemini X2. In this example, the ECM 2001 generator is connected to the electrodes using the sequence of cables and adapters illustrated below. Using the ECM 830, all accessories plug directly into the unit.

+ + + +
 ECM 2001 System    45-0083 Coaxial Cables    45-0088 Female/Female Adapters    45-0024 Tweezertrode Cable Adapters
   45-0503 Micrograbber Cable + selected Oocyte Electrode



Voltage Range 0 – 200 VDC (Do not use AC current)
Pulse Length Range 10 µsec – 10 sec
Pulse Number Range 1 to 99 (depending on voltage)
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40ºC
Intended Use Indoor use only
Relative Humidity 20 to 80%



Item # Electrode Length Electrode Gap Electrode Materials
45-0495 10 mm 1 mm Platinum Plated
45-0096 10 mm 1 mm Platinum Plated



Generators Gemini X2, ECM 830, ECM 2001
  • In vivo drug or gene delivery including CRISPR
  • Transgenic animal model creation including methods using CRISPR
Item # Product
45-0204 Adapter Banana Plug Cables, Red and Black (for use with Tweezertrodes and L-Shaped Gentrodes Electrodes)
45-0083 ECM 2001 Coaxial to Banana Plug Cables, Red and Black, 10 ft
45-0088 ECM 2001 Female/Female Adapter Set for Banana Plug Cables (Use with 45-0216)