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Hybrimune Hybridoma Production System

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Hybrimune Hybridoma Production System
Advanced electrofusion system for fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation or dendritic-tumor cell fusions

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Hybrimune Electrofusion System (N. America) 47-0300N   View Price
Hybrimune Electrofusion System 47-0300NINT   View Price
Hybrimune Electrofusion Generator Only (N. America) 47-0305N   View Price
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The Hybrimune Hybridoma Production System is an advanced electrofusion system for fast, efficient cell fusion in hybridoma production, hybrid cell formation, and dendritic-tumor cell fusions.

Yield improvements of 10 fold or more compared to standard PEG fusion

The Hybrimune system includes an innovative fusion chamber design, proprietary BTXpress® Cytofusion medium and sophisticated, tri-phasic electric field pulses that quickly position cells and disrupt cell membranes for maximum cell fusion efficiency with short cycle-times and minimal heating or turbulence for excellent cell viability. In addition, Hybrimune delivers a cell alignment waveform which is a patented sequence that enhances hybridoma yield.

The Hybrimune system consists of a user-friendly, programmable waveform generator controlled through the User-Interface Application Software running on a Windows-based computer system (not included). The fusion chamber uses coaxial electrodes designed for optimal electric field stimulation, independent of bath height. In this way, pulse parameters defined with the low volume optimization chamber are directly applicable for the large volume production chamber. The optimization chamber includes a transparent bottom for microscope viewing during the process optimization. BTXpress Cytofusion medium is a specially formulated, low conductivity solution for robust cell fusion efficiency.

The Hybrimune boasts a gradual increase in AC amplitude to compress the cells for maximal cell-cell contact. The DC pulse is then applied. The researcher has the option of doing multiple pulses of different voltages and duration if required. A final AC waveform holds the cells in place and stabilizes the fusion as the force is gradually reduced. The waveform generator is fully-programmable for pulse parameter optimization to maximize efficiency and cell viability.

A computer is required for the application software but is not included in the system.

The Hybrimune is intended For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic, pre-clinical, or clinical procedures.

 Included Items

Item # Name Included Items
47-0300N Hybrimune Electrofusion System (N. America)  Hybrimune waveform generator, 2 ml and 9 ml coaxial chambers, BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C, user interface software, cables and manual. Requires Windows based laptop or PC (not included)
47-0300NINT Hybrimune Electrofusion System Hybrimune waveform generator, 2 ml and 9 ml coaxial chambers, BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C, user interface software, cables and manual. Requires Windows based laptop or PC (not included)
47-0305N Hybrimune Electrofusion Generator Only (N. America) Hybrimune Electrofusion Generator only


Use of the Hybrimune device is subject to an annual license agreement between Cellectis bioresearch and the purchaser. Please contact Cellectis at cytopulse@cellectis.com for further details.



The Hybrimune Waveform Generator is programmed using the Application Software. The following parameters are available:


Pulse Function Constant, linear, non-linear
Pulse Amplitude 100 - 1000 V
Pulse Width Range 20 – 1000 ms
AC Start Peak Range 5 - 75 Vs
AC Stop Peak Range 5 - 75 V
AC Frequency 0.2 to 2.0 MHz
AC Duration 0 to 60 s



The optimization and production chambers have been engineered to have identical electrical characteristics to facilitate direct scale-up to production once pulse parameters have been optimized. In addition the small chamber has a transparent bottom to permit visualization of the cell alignment by inverted or regular microscope.


Parameters Optimization Chamber Production Chamber
Volume 2 ml 9 ml
Outer ID 45.72 mm 45.72 mm
Inner OD 38.10 mm 38.10 mm
Gap 3.81 mm 3.81 mm
Well Height 5 mm 18 mm
Inner/Outer Radius 0.8333 0.8333
  • Hybridoma production
  • Hybrid cell formation
  • Dendritic-tumor cell fusions
Item # Product
47-0030 2 ml Coaxial Chamber for optimization
47-0020 9 ml Coaxial Chamber for production
47-0001 BTXpress Cytofusion Medium C, 500 ml volume
47-0302 Hybrimune Chamber Cable
47-0301 Hybrimune User Interface Application Software


Hybrimune User's Manual


Hybrimune Application Note




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