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ECM 2001 Electro Cell Manipulator

  • ECM 2001 Electro Cell Manipulator


  • Cell Fusion
  • Nuclear Transfer
  • Embryo Manipulation
  • Hybridoma Production
  • Mammalian Cell Transfection
  • Plant Protoplast Fusion
  • Stem Cell Production


The ECM® 2001 is a multi-purpose Electro Cell Manipulation generator capable of producing a proprietary AC waveform for benign dielectrophoretic alignment of cells, and a square DC waveform for cell fusion. Electrofusion is carried out by applying both the AC and DC pulse waveforms. Microsecond switch-over time from AC to DC allows for highly efficient fusion. After fusion, the AC pulse reapplication maintains compression of the cells following the DC pulse for the rounding off process; resulting in a higher number of hybrids. The 1 MHz AC pulse aligns cells together in “real time”, saving time (seconds vs. hours) in comparison to PEG methods. Blastomeres and oocytes can also be aligned to the correct position for better fusion accuracy during nuclear transfer and embryo manipulation.

Click here for more information on how Electrofusion is superior to PEG-mediated Fusion.


  • Versatile Platform System
  • Microprocessor Controlled Precision
  • Wide Range of Parameters


Utilizing the ECM® 2001 for standard mammalian cell transfections is simple; the AC feature is turned off and the DC mode is set as a square wave electroporation device. The range of voltages and pulse lengths that can be programmed, coupled with the ability to carry out up to 9 pulses per experiment, make this an extremely versatile system for any lab.

AC Parameters (Alignment)

Proprietary nonsinusoidal wave shape
Frequency 1 MHz
Voltage   0 – 75 V RMS (zero to peak) 
Duration   0 – 99 sec
Post fusion AC 1/10 of pre fusion amplitude
Post fusion ramp   1 – 9 sec 
Pause between AC/DC 50 μsec 
DC Pulse Parameters (Fusion) (Electroporation)  
High Voltage Mode  
Voltage   10 – 3000 V
Pulse Length  1 – 99 μsec/ 1 μsec resolution 
Low Voltage Mode:  
Voltage   10 – 500 V 
Pulse Length  1 – 9 pulses 
Number of Pulses  0.01 – 0.99 msec/ 0.01 msec res 1 – 99 msec/ 1 msec res
Catalog          Product
Electroporation System includes ECM 2001 Generator, Safety
Stand 630B , Cuvettes 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, pkg. of 30 (10
each), Cuvette Rack 660
45-0012 Embryo Manipulation System includes ECM 2001 Generator

Micro-Slides 450, 450-1, 453 and Connection Cable

Electro Cell Fusion System includes ECM 2001 Generator,
Micro-Slides 450, 453, Meander Fusion Chamber 454,
Flat Electrode/Divergent Field 484, Electrode Adapter,
Connection Cable, Safety Stand 630B Cuvettes 1 mm,
2 mm, 4 mm, pkg. of 30 (10 each), Cuvette Rack 660
45-0018 Hybridoma Production System includes the ECM 2001 Generator, Micrograbber cables, Adapter set, 3.2 mm gap Microslide, 10 mm gap Microslide, and Cytofusion media (500 ml)
45-0080 ECM 2001 Generator Only
ENHANCER 3000 Probe, ENHANCER Interface Box,
Oscilloscope with USB communications, ECM 2001
Generator, Safety Stand, Cuvettes 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm,
pkg. of 30 (10 each) and Cables
45-0216 Micrograbber Cables
45-0217 Banana to Banana Plug, 10 ft.
45-0089 Adapter Set Banana to Square Post
45-0088 Adapter Set F/F Banana to Square Splice
45-0087 Micrograbber Adapter

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For further references regarding specific applications and optimization, please contact BTX Technical Support:

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Phone: 1-508-893-8999

Toll Free: 1-800-272-2775

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