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Adherent Cell Electrode

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Adherent Cell Electrode
Reusable plate electrode designed to directly electroporate adherent cells or electroporate cultured cell monolayers on filters
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The Adherent Cell electrode is a reusable electroporation applicator designed to fit into each single well of a 12-well plate, 6-well plate or an individual 35 mm diameter Petri dish.

This plate electrode is specially designed to electroporate cultured monolayers of cells on laminin-coated filters, or on 12 mm polycarbonate or polyester transwell filter units (0.4 mm pore size) or can directly electroporate adherent cells such as human corneal keratocytes, Caco-2, dental pulp cells, NC65 and BCEC and MDCK cells.

The Adherent Cell Electrode consists of two parallel plate electrodes, 7 x 19 mm with 5 mm gap spacing between the plates. Each plate electrode has a 0.3 mm height insulated foot at both ends of the bottom. When the electrode is placed in a dish, a foot minimizes the damage on cells. The high voltage cables are connected to a BTX electroporator, and the electrode is brought down onto the filter until it makes contact with the buffer, usually at 1- 2 mm above the filter. A combination of HV and LV pulses may be used.


In this example, the ECM 2001 generator is connected to the electrodes using the sequence of cables and adapters illustrated below, then connected to the electrode. This electrode is also compatible with the ECM 630, ECM 830 and Gemini X2 systems.

+ +
 ECM 2001 System    45-0083 Coaxial Cables    45-0088 Female/Female Adapters



Generator Compatibility ECM 830, ECM 630, ECM 399, ECM 2001 and Gemini X2
Pulse Length Range 1 µsec - 35 msec
Voltage Range 0 - 300 V
Volume Range 0.5 - 3.0 ml
Autoclavable No
Field Type Homogeneous
Gap Size 5 mm
  • Mammalian Cell Transfections
  • Direct electroporation onto adherent cells either growing on transwell filters or coverslips, or directly onto monolayers
        (such as polarized epithelial) without disruption
  • Plant/Yeast Applications
Adherent Cell Electrode User's Manual


Cleaning Electrodes




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